How to rent out fast?

Pick the right price - rooms rent out fast if the price is right.

  • Browse similar rooms and pick a competitive price.
  • Consider how much tenants are willing to pay - the lower the price, the higher the demand.

Use good pictures - more people view rooms with pictures.

  • Use original photos - posts with photos of the real room get up to 10 times more views tha posts with images.
  • Take clear photos - use good lighting and different angles.

Provide a clear title and description - focus on information that is relevant to renters.

  • Imagine yourself as the renter- what would you want to know if you were looking for this room?
  • Keep the title short and simple - use keywords that people might search for (e.g. item student, professional, fully furnished, private entrance).
  • Be honest in your description – describe any imperfections along with details of the room’s features.