Looking for hostel in Islamabad?

If you have recently moved into the capital city and looking to get yourself a room for living, it is now easier than ever to search among the hundreds of hostels available across the city on the rentaroom.pk website. It brings you a directory of top hostels in Islamabad and all major cities of Pakistan.


Hostels are usually built in big private houses having several rooms. A room in a hostel can be hired privately or shared by roommates. This depends on the size of the room. Private rooms are more expensive than shared rooms. Some hostels have cubicles for single occupancy which are best suited for people who wants to have a private room. Majority of rooms are shared by roommates.


Most of the hostels have mess facility where daily meal is prepared. Taking dinner in the hostel mess is optional. One can always get reasonable food items in the local market. Hostels are usually situated near the sector markaz (market) where everyday food items and other life necessities can be purchased.


A few popular hostels listed on rentaroom.pk website;

For list of all hostels in Islamabad, click here.


Hundreds of students and professionals from around the country live in hostels. Accommodation in hostel is cheaper than hiring of apartment or separate house / portion in the city. Hostel rents range from 6,000 to 15,000 per month depending on the facilities and location.  


Girl’s hostels also provide pick and drop facility for office or college / university. Rent-a-room lists several best girls’ hostels available in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Peshawar. The contact information of the hostel is available in the detail page. When you call the hostel contact number, make sure to collect all information i.e. Security, Mess, and Pick & Drop. These facilities vary from hostel to hostel.

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