Girls hostel in karachi

it can be daunting coming to a big city on your own,especially one as Karachi and finding a suitable girls hostel,but rentaroom offers ladies 4,2,1-bed dorms ,some of them en suite and is also brand spanking new so all the facilities are modern and decore has a good splash of colour.check the available populars girls hostel in the city:


  1. Girls Hostel

  2. Matrixx Company

  3. PakTurk International Schools & Colleges

  4. KN Academy

  5. School of Nursing, AKU

  6. Iba Girls Hostel New

  7. Iba Girls Hostel Old

  8. PIA Town Ship Air Hostess Hostel

  9. Girls Hostel Block

  10. Pakistan Navy Nursing Hostel

  11. Girls Hostel

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